Make A Gift in Support of Edgefest 24!

Edgefest 24 is in full swing!  Kerrytown Concert House is grateful to all in the community who have kept this unique festival alive and thriving.  We are especially grateful to “Edgeheads” who really understand the mission of Edgefest and help make this unique artistic event a reality. 


Because the music and the artists who create it are crucial to the mission of Edgefest and Kerrytown Concert House, we are creating an Edgefest that will keep the festival alive until we can meet in person again. Since we will not have income from the usual sources this year, we are humbly asking our Edgeheads and fans to tune in and offer financial support if possible. Realizing that there is great need at every turn these days, we hope that you will help sustain the artists and mission of Edgefest.


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